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Getting Started

Working With the Result


Add Folder(s) to Scanning List

To add a new folder to the Scanning List click on the [add to list button] button on the window toolbar or select "Task -> Add Folder To List" in the main menu. It will open a new window where you can select the folder on your local computer, external drive or on a remote computer. You can also Drag&Drop the folder from the 'Finder' into the Scan List. You can add as many folders as you need.

Remove Folder(s) from Scanning List

To remove a folder from a Scanning List, select it, and click the [remove from list button] button on the window toolbar or in the main menu "Task -> Remove Folder From List…". You will be asked to confirm it.
To open the folder in 'Finder' application click the finder button button on the window toolbar.

Setup File Comparison Mode

You can choose to check if the files are duplicates by selecting the following options:

Setup Scanning Filter(s)

Using the filter(s) you can include (or exclude) the specific files into (from) the scan process. For example, you can find duplicate files only among the images/pictures/photos. In that case you can use the file extension filter and specify the file with extensions 'jpg;png;jpeg;tiff' etc. You can setup the filters byFile's Name, by File's Size or by File's Extension. Use the ';' character as a separator to specify more values.

For 'File's name' you can select the following options: For the 'File's Extension' you can select the options similar to the 'File's Name'.

See setup filters screen below:

Start/Stop the Scan

To start the scanning process to find the duplicate files in the folder(s) click on the [start scan button] button or in the menu "Task -> Start Scanning".
'Start' button is not enabled if Scanning List of folders is empty.
Task progress indicator and status of the scan is shown during the run.
Action buttons and Result's Context Menu are not available during the run.
To stop the scanning process click on the [stop scan button] button or in the main menu "Task -> Stop Scanning...". You will be asked to confirm the operation.

Select the Duplicate Files

To delete or move a group of files by using 'Delete...'/'Move...' button on the window toolbar first you need to select the files.
You can do that by clicking on each file's check box or by using the action button [action button] on window toolbar.
You can also delete or move the single file by using the 'Context Menu' in the Result View. (See 'Using Context Menu').

Delete Duplicate Files

To delete the group of files you need to select them first.
To select the group of files use [action button] button located on the window toolbar.
Group Action Menu:
[action button menu]

Click the [delete button] button on the window toolbar.

delete popup

The popup window will appear where you can review the files you want to delete. By clicking the [delete button] button you can remove the file from the list.

Select the box [delete empty] if you want to delete the empty folders after the files are deleted or moved.

Click the [delete duplicates button] button to delete the files on the system. When you delete the files they will be moved to a Trash Bucket. You can restore the files if you need by moving them from the Trash Bucket.

To delete a single file you can use the 'Context Menu' (See 'Using Context Menu').

When you are deleting files on another computer or on the external drive then files will be deleted immediately. You will be asked to confirm the operation.

Move Duplicate Files

Moving the duplicate files is a similar operation as 'Delete Duplicate Files' (See 'Delete Duplicate Files' above) except you will be asked to specify the folder where you would like to move the files to.

[move popup window]

Quick Look

You can do a Quick Look of the selected files by clicking the [quick look button] button on the window toolbar. Use the 'Context Menu' (See 'Using Context Menu') if you want to do a Quick Look for only one file.

Using Search/Filter Field

The Search/Filter field is used to locate/find the specific file(s). File's Name and File' Path is used as a search string.

Show File in 'Finder'

To reveal the file in the 'Finder' application click the "Task -> Show In Finder" in the main menu or use the 'Context Menu' (See 'Using Context Menu').

Open a File

Double click on the file to open it. You can also use the 'Context Menu' (See 'Using Context Menu').

Using Context Menu

Use a 'Context menu' if you need to operation on a single file without selecting it.
Select the file in Result List, click the 'Right Button' (or 'Control + Left Button') to show the 'Context Menu'.
[context menu]
Using the 'Context Menu' you can do the next: open the file, delete or move the file, show file in 'Finder' or do the file's quick look. File's operations from the 'Context Menu' are applying only to one selected file.

Clear the Result View

To clear the Result List click on the [clear result button] button on the window window toolbar or in main menu 'Task -> Clear Result View'. You will be asked to confirm the operation.
Files on the systems will not be affected. To scan for duplicate files again click on the [start scan button] button.


To open a Preferences Window click the "DupliKitPro -> Preferences..." in the main menu.
With the preferences you can setup up to the eight Coloring Groups. Click on the Group Box button and select a color you want.

[color groups]

Select the check box if you want to receive the notification after the scanning process is complete.

Open Log File

Log file is available only for last run. To open the log file click "Task -> Open Log File..." in the main menu.

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