Easy To Use, Flexible, Powerful Files Synchronizer for MacOS

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Easy To Use

  • Lots of features allow you to choose correct synchronization method:
    by file name, by file size, by file date or in any combination.
  • Configure synchronization between different types of devices:
    Local Drive, External Drives, Flash Drives or Shared Network Drives
  • Setup task to start automatically when drive becomes available.
  • Preview Mode
  • Quick Look option for files
  • Change the default sync direction in Preview window for individual files
  • Each task has a status of last run
  • Preview/Analyze the synchronization task before or after it's finished

Powerfull, Flexible

  • Support one way or two-way (bidirectional) synchronization
  • Tracks folder/files changes. Reflects these changes to 'Source','Target' or both
  • Filter options allow you to include or exclude the specific files
  • Fast and efficient. Synchronize only new or changed files
  • Run all tasks at once
  • Run the application either as a standalone or in the status bar
  • Schedule your synchronization for any time, day, week or once in month

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